Packo RSA was established in 2003 in cooperation with the 'Packo Fullwood Group' and 'Avon Technical Products' and have provided excellent service in the dairy industry ever since.

Packo RSA has become one of South Africa's leading companies in milking and milk cooling equipment. Not only do we plan and design new dairy parlours, we also import a wide range of milking equipment and essential parts to keep old and new parlours up and running, making sure that we can provide in all the farmer needs.

We trade in a wide variety of products from all over the world. Avon Technical Products, Wydale Plastics and Fullwood from England, Packo Fullwood in Belgium and Netherlands, ENGS Systems from Israel and Ruike Milking from China.

sampie mariasCo-owner

He has 37 years of experience in the milking industry.

For 12 years he worked as development manager and for another 10 years as manager of Milkrite, which was part of Clover SA. He Started Packo RSA in 2003 and for more than 15 years he has provided South African farmers with his skills in parlour planning, development, installation and automation of milking- and feeding systems.

susann marias


Life and business partner of Sampie

As both life and business partner of Sampie Marais, she plays a central role in the success of Packo RSA. She manage finances, admin and the parts department.

santie du toit

Project Manager

The eldest daughter of Sampie and Susann

Started working at Packo RSA in 2014, she is the eldest daughter of Sampie and Susann Marais. She plays a major role in installing and servicing of milking parlours, sales, marketing and enquiries.

johannes motaung


More than 12 years experience

He has more than 12 years experience in servicing and maintaining milking machines. His drive and willingness to work and learn has made him a major role player at Packo RSA. Manufacturing parlours, servicing pumps and all other equipment along with installations.



chrisi boshoff

Creative Designer

The youngest sister

The youngest sister of the Marais family, she also joined Packo RSA in 2014. Graphic design, marketing and admin.