The heavy duty polyurethan isolated RVS AISI 304 construction delivers an optimal milk pre-cooling (without intern line solding).

Because of the line-in-line construction, a soft treatment of milk is delivered what results in a better milk quality.

The counterflow principe and the compact ergonomic design delivers an optimal efficiency.

The Pre-cooling system can easily be placed in a series or parallel connection to encrease the handled debit. This connection also applies when an instant cooling system is used.

A cleaning can be done on the traditional way.
The Packo Pre-cooling system will reduce your energy costs of pre-cooling and has a long life-cycle.

Packo Cooling Tanks

Begin the world leaders in ice bank systems, Packo has developping and improving this technology for over 40 years.  This system which was previously considered as a simple variation on the "in bath", is nowadays, increasingly begin applied in the world leading dairy industries.  Its strength goes beyond just maintaining milk quality. The ice bank milk-cooling tank will store a reserve of ice, which means that the refrigeration units need not be switched on during the milking.  There is no risk of milk temperature increasing due this ice reserve even in the event of power fluctuations.  The other plus polint is that you don't need to invest in large cooling units, which save you space and cuts down installation costs. Another added bonus is the fact that you can avail of cheaper night-rate electricity to build your reserve of ice thereby reducing running costs substantially.

RM/IB Cooling Tank

The advantages of the RM/IB cooling tank also apply to the DIB system.  This system builds up the ice reserve in a seperate ice builder.  The ice water, used in combination with the tubular heat exchanger, brings the milk under the critical temperature of 10°C before it even reaches the tank.  What's more, combining the tubular heat exchanger with bore-well or mains water supply can lead to an energy saving of up to 50%!

The Ice water channels through the specially designed laser welded evaporator, ensuring fast, trouble-free cooling.

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