Wydale Calf feeder

One man using two 5 Teat feeders can feed over 70 calves an hour.
Using this system a typical calf can be weaned on as little as 15 kgs of milk powder as opposed to 50 kgs on the Ad Lib method.

The cowling guides the calf to the teat and protects it from its neighbour ensuring slow drinkers get enough milk.

In addition, calves' herded in groups encourages earlier intake of solid food,whilst exercise helps digestion and gives freedom to find a draught free position. Calves are generally happier.
The wydale system is not only fast and efficient it also remains the best for animal welfare.

The troughs have compartments each holding 2 litres (3 1/2 pints) to the ridge along the back or 3 litres (5 1/4 pints) to the top of the weirs. You only need to fill up as many compartments as you have calves per pen. One sick calf can be given medicated milk/electrolytes if necessary and the rest plain milk. Colostrum can be fed to new born calves before they can stand; simply put the feeder on the floor and push to the calf's mouth. It is ideal for introducing the first feed to bought in calves from market - without the struggle!


Length - 1.27m
Width - 0.51m
Depth - 0.34m
Weight 9.5kg

Wydale Lamb Feeder

Designed for fast, efficient group feeding of lambs promoting improved digestion of milk.
Our robust, easy to use lamb feeder overcomes all the problems of hand feeding lambs and kids.

The "Head up" suckling position provided by the feeder ensures a natural, stress free feeding position(similar to suckling a ewe), resulting in better digestion of milk and minimising scouring and bloat problems.

Sick animals can be given medicated feeds at the same time as the rest are fed.


- Five Stations
- Capacity - 1 litre per station
- Easy to clean
- Robust
- Weight 1.5 kilos
- Optional teats for lamb/kids


- Length - 610mm
- Width - 260mm
- Depth - 160mm

Wydale Goat Feeder

Goat Feeder

Wydale Static Milk Mixer

The Wydale Milk Mixer has been designed to eliminate labour intensive hand mixing and carrying of milk.

It's rapid mixing action reduces powder to liquid in seconds whilst the translucent tub allows accurate measurement of liquid.

With the outlet postioned at the lowest point every last drop of milk can be used and washing is easy. A twist on lid minimises splashing and reduces fly contamination.


- Capacity - 110 Litres
- 240 volt Motor
- 40mm outlet for rapid discharge
- Large 400mm wheels, ideal for uneven ground
- Weight 21 kilos
- 12 Month "no qubble" guarantee


Height - 1120mm
Body Depth - 700mm
Depth(With Handles) 1320mm
Width - 610mm
Nominal Capacity 110 Litres

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