Recording and Removal


During Milking

  • Excellent monitoring of milk yield per cow.
  • Excellent monitoring of the total milk yield obtained from each milking cluster.
  • The milking time per cow.
  • The milk conductivity per cow.
  • The milk temperature per cow.
  • The pulsation ratio and pulsation rate.
  • Milk-flow-controlled pulsation.
  • The milking speed per cow.
  • Cluster removal and kick-off detection.
  • Milk stimulation.
  • The total cumulated milk time of each cluster for the timely replacement of the liners.
Sensomatic During cleaning

Sensomatic During cleaning

  • The water quantity needed for optimal cleaning.
  • The temperature of the cleaning water flowing through each milking cluster.
  • Metering and controlling the concentration of the cleaning product flowing through each cluster.
  • The period of time during which the cluster is rinsed with hot water.
  • The quality of the waste water.

Automatic cluster Removal

  • Automatic cluster removal for cows, goat and sheep
  • Free milk flow sensor
  • LED indications for:
  • ACR mode (ready for milking / manual mode / automatic mode)
  • Milk flow level (higher / lower than preset removal level)
  • Incomplete milking (flow level not reached within pre milk time)
  • Buttons to control:
  • Start milking in automatic ACR mode
  • Start milking in manual ACR mode
  • Switch from manual <-> automatic mode
  • Cluster removal manually
  • Automatic activation swing over systems
  • Remote control box with the same leds/buttons to start    milking from the milk cluster
  • 3 relay outputs to control:
  • Delayed / phased removal
  • Suitable for 12 VDC (standard) but also 24 VDC/VAC
Automatic cluster Removal